Mosaics Can Be a Good Choice for Wall Decor

One of the oldest, but still the most popular decorative method, where one places small pieces of material such as glass, rock, tile, shell etc., in a pattern is mosaic. It is a very all-around artistic decor method that can be used in many places in your home. It can be used to decorate furniture such as chests, drawers, tables, Mirror, borders, coasters etc., and it can be used to create tiled floors and even walls.

It is a technique that is very time consuming, but can be carried out with only a few tools and supplies such as; tesserae (small pieces of glass, tiles, etc., with which to do the mosaic with), a strong adhesive and a surface to cover. You can find such materials for mosaic in factories and pottery studios, or you can just buy mosaic tiles from a hardware store which is designed specifically for this craft.

There are many advantages to this craft. Firstly this could become a fun project that the whole family could join in because the process of filling in the mosaic is fun and easy to do. Another advantage is that the final piece is totally unique, because you produce the mosaic with the colours and tesserae that you wish, you can even be adventurous and mix the tesserae you use, and so the end product is totally unique and a product of your imagination. Also because you do it yourself, you give the project a part of yourself and every piece you place would be distinctive, every project would be distinctive and have a story of its own. Another advantage to making mosaic is that the tesserae you use especially those like glass or marble are very durable, because they do not attract dust and are easy to clean.

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