Modern Architecture: a Combination of Steel, Concrete, Wood and Glass

Modern architectures basics are very simple. Its continuous philosophy is to stand for the ideal that “the form follows the function”. That’s why modern architects express themselves through simplicity. Modern architecture gives importance to the materials used and the structures of the buildings, because of this they show off these materials by using materials such as wood, steel, and glass. Basically Modern architectures focal point is materials like steel, concrete, wood and glass, it is characterized with simplicity, the structures have a minimalist interior which places the interior in the background and brings out the structure itself into the spotlight.

Although it has a simplistic style that is very straightforward and avoids complexity, modern architecture is very unique. In fact, the most unique designs that have been created up until now, was created by modern architects. Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs should be looked at as an example of unique designs. Wright believed that the building and the land should emerge and become one and that they should complete each other, Wright was famous for building with the land.   Modernist architecture gives importance to inspiration, they take inspiration from the project they have at hand, their aims are to create a unique structure for every different project or situation, they want their creations to be totally unique and come together with the situation.

When you look at modern designs you can see, that they are box style, some have flat roofs but you will see that they are definitely not boring, they are anything but that. Instead of covering the structure they prefer to show the structure and the nature of the project. Modern architecture doesn’t hide or alter anything, everything is out in the open, the beams and structural elements are exposed to the viewers, By doing this the architects put across the idea of “truth” by revealing the elements.

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