Living Garden Fences for Your Landscape Design

A Living Fence or also known as a green fence, is a fence formed with a living plant suitable for a fence. These fences are long lasting, they can live on for years, and they are also very attractive and easy to look after. Fences are usually wanted to border there property, to keep the insects out or just because it looks pretty, there are many forms of fences other than the living fence like brick, bamboo, barbed wire etc., But the most beneficial form of fence is the living fence, because it has many benefits for the home like; the living fence can act as a windbreak, you can benefit from various products that you can obtain from it such as, firewood, timber, nectar etc., it can be cheaper to form therefore you can save money, it is a good way for the prevention of soil and when you are unable to find fencing materials such as lots of rocks, barbed wire, large branches etc., you can the live fence.

Living fences can be formed with a hedge of viburnums, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, climbing plants etc. When choosing your living fence, you have to take into consideration the potential size of plant, if it will be suitable for the area in which you plan to plant it. Once you have chosen the plant you wish to use, all you have to do is plant it and then using standard pruning techniques, you can train your tree, shrub or climber to form a living wall that will build up your gardens privacy and provide a beautiful view. Of course not every plant is pruned in the same way, some climbers may not even need to be pruned so often as a tree or a shrub. And as a result you have you living garden fence.

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