Flower Gardens: Opportunity for the Creative Spirit to Come Alive

You can have flower gardens from 50 up to 500 square feet or even bigger. A flower garden is like a painting, it gives the person opportunities for the creative spirit to come alive. The garden is a canvas and one paints on the canvas puts his/her feelings on the canvas using the flowers as a brush.  You can plant a flower bed any way you like; it can be big, small, curved, straight, raised or flat. As time goes by, as seasons or years go by, you can change the flower bed. If in time the area permitted for your flower bed increases or decreases, you can also change the flower bed according to the change in the space. The exterior of a house is just as important as the interior.

The flower garden is where one can sit, watch and relax. Sit on the patio and gaze at the beautiful blend of the colours. Also if native plants are planted in the flower garden, this will attract all sorts of intriguing wildlife to your garden. Especially pollinators that come to your beautiful and colourful flowers like ants, bees butterflies or hummingbirds. Many small animals live in the soil, which are very healthy for the plants in the garden. They can be found almost in any sort of soil, these are creatures like earthworms, soil mites, and ground beetles.

Flower gardens vary greatly depending on how much light there is. Certain plants grow better in full sunlight, while others prefer the shade; therefore you have to choose the flowers that are convenient for the conditions of your garden. Many people prefer to have areas of both so they can have a good variety of beautiful and colourful plants in their garden.

Planning the “layout” of the garden is very important, and gardeners spend a great deal on planning it; by planning we basıcally mean, “where everything goes”. The reason for this is that, to have a successful flower garden, you have to plant the right plant, in the right place for it to grow properly and look beautiful.

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