Advantages of the Decorative Painting Technique

You do not have to know how to draw when it is to talk about decorative painting. We only work from a pattern or design which is found from art books or magazine. We can imitate those designs in your painting. However, equipping oneself with different basic painting techniques is essential. In this article, you will find some basic painting instructions to start on simple projects that will make you feel much more talented and also better. But, like in any other skill, you need to practice. For example, in sponge painting, a base paint is first applied to the walls and another color in a different shade complementing the first color is applied.

Decorative Painting

A sponge is then used over the wet paint to create different patterns. Sponge painting is one of the easiest painting techniques and you can never go wrong with it. One of the advantages of this decorative painting technique is that you can use it to conceal a wall that has an uneven finish and also it is great for creating texture and depth. So, how to start with this technique? Start by applying the sponge on the corner of the wall and roll the sponge in a semicircular way. When the paint is exhausted dip the sponge back into the color and continues sponging the whole wall.

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