Multi-purpose Braided Rugs for Inside & Outside Use

Rug had been rare in Western world. But recently people form the west countries began to show interest in rugs. As in countries like Iran or Turkey, people in that countries use rugs in corridors, balconies or outside, like in a gardens.

Rugs are very portable especially for outside use. They can be carried even by a child. They can be washed easily. So it is a very healthy way to use them, as they are very useful across the doors, where we generally step in our shoes.

Braided Rugs

The most popular rug type is braided one. And this type was not exported from East. The braided rugs have been produced since Colonial America. Settlers of the time used them to keep floor warm, to protect it. They used them even as scraps of clothing.

Braided rugs look really beautiful and when used natural and organic materials, they are very healthy.

There are more than one way to construct a rug. For example banded braid construction, cloth braid construction, flat braid construction and yarn braid construction.

The techniques have been modernised in time. It continues displaying appeal and charm. Unlike the American settlers made, you would find a machine-made rug in big stores.

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