Berber Carpets: Feel the Fashion of Sahra at Your Home

Have you ever heard about Berber carpet? Do you know any advantages of having Berber carpet? In this article, you will find the advantages of Berber carpet and some other facts.

So, if you want, let’s start. Berber carpet is a popular carpet thanks to its durability and economic cost. Moreover, what makes Berber carpet special is all about its high level loop. Looped carpets like the Berber weave help hide footprints and vacuum Marks.

berber carpets

Berber carpets can be seen in many places such as in classrooms, offices, halls and other high traffic areas. Thanks to their stylish and durable features, they are preferred by many people. While this type of flooring could be used in any room, the rooms where Berber carpet is the most popular choice are finished basements, home offices, recreational rooms, playrooms, and three-season rooms.

In addition to this, if it is to talk about some advantages of Berber carpet, it would be right to say that it tends to vacuum well, leaving no vacuum marks or footprints. By this way, your Berber carpet does also look newer.

Finally, when we come to cleaning process of Berber carpet, there are some things to talk about this. While professional cleaning is recommended for large and stubborn stains, you can clean the other small ones.

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