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Art Deco

Art Deco Style for Your Home

The term Art Deco, came about in the 1960s. It represents different things to different people, it was a style that belonged to everyone, it was modern and it was everywhere, from photography to decorative arts, to films, to transport and product design. By the 1930s, they started mass production which meant that everyone could have the art deco style in their lives. When travelling started to become popular animal skins, pearls, tortoiseshells and ivory started to enter homes. We could see the influence of the pyramids and the sphinxes in everything after Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered.

Art deco had both tradition and the mechanised modern world in it at the same time. In a very short time it spread around the world became popular in cities such as New York and Shanghai. It embraced handcraft, machine production, works of art and new products made with affordable materials.

Art Deco reflects the majority of the world in the present day. Unlike the functionalist Modernism, it answers to everyones needs. It is very compliant; it is open to peoples, dreams, desires, imaginations, fears.

Art Deco has a wide ranged style and can use many different sources like its forerunner Art Nouveau. Designers desired to bring together and combine traditions with the modern life and create a modern style. To do this the designers borrowed ideas from the historic European styles, pictorial inventions from the modern arts the urban symbols from the machine age and the exotic themes of the Ballet Russess. They also went as far as East Asia and Africa which provided rich sources of materials. They were fascinated with the romance of the Egyptian discoveries made buy archaeologists. Because they brought everything together and combines a variety of things, it makes art deco such a rich and eclectic style, that it makes it appealing to a wide range of people.

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

Modern architectures basics are very simple. Its continuous philosophy is to stand for the ideal that “the form follows the function”. That’s why modern architects express themselves through simplicity. Modern architecture gives importance to the materials used and the structures of the buildings, because of this they show off these materials by using materials such as wood, steel, and glass. Basically Modern architectures focal point is materials like steel, concrete, wood and glass, it is characterized with simplicity, the structures have a minimalist interior which places the interior in the background and brings out the structure itself into the spotlight.

Although it has a simplistic style that is very straightforward and avoids complexity, modern architecture is very unique. In fact, the most unique designs that have been created up until now, was created by modern architects. Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs should be looked at as an example of unique designs. Wright believed that the building and the land should emerge and become one and that they should complete each other, Wright was famous for building with the land.   Modernist architecture gives importance to inspiration, they take inspiration from the project they have at hand, their aims are to create a unique structure for every different project or situation, they want their creations to be totally unique and come together with the situation.

When you look at modern designs you can see, that they are box style, some have flat roofs but you will see that they are definitely not boring, they are anything but that. Instead of covering the structure they prefer to show the structure and the nature of the project. Modern architecture doesn’t hide or alter anything, everything is out in the open, the beams and structural elements are exposed to the viewers, By doing this the architects put across the idea of “truth” by revealing the elements.

Home Decorations

Attractive Home Decorations for You!

Do you think that your house is a little bit out of date? Wanna do a complete renovation or just update a few rooms? Then, surely you need some recommendations that we will give you. Look at the pictures of new kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries and etc.

The house is your place, where you relax, have a rest, escaping from the chaos of the life. You spend the half of your life at your home, with your family or friends. Sleeping is the recharge process of the human being, so it should be in a peaceful place.

That is very natural that every person needs a comfortable and practical home. However, it is not easy to create an ideal home design without a professional support. So, have a look at our offers, which are composed by professional hands, thinking about your health and comfort.

Form the warm atmosphere by following our suggestions, choosing some collections you like. There are many options. We know that ever body has different budget. No need to think that any kind of renovation would cost high, it is not true! There many things that can create a sweet home with touches that cost low.

House Decoration Ideas

Do You Need House Decoration Ideas?

When you have truly made your mind to decorate your house you should jot down the things that you can really afford to place in your house. That would make it attractive and beautiful and can really allure your visitors every time they visit you. House decoration ideas never end up, market is full of accessories and things that can really decorate your house and can make it look like the way you always wanted. First of all select a good theme that can be used perfectly according to the size and structure of your house. Paint your walls according the theme and texture and fix wall and ceiling lightning and decorative hangers and fixtures. Beautify your bedroom, kitchen and living room by placing great wood furniture. Embellish your floors with carpets, centre rugs on marbles and wood carpeting and place plant pots and other floor decorations on your floors. Make beautiful cabinets and closets in kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Your house exterior is as important as your house interior so make it lavish by placing many plant pots, chairs and tables for evening teas. Make patios, pathways and arches to embellish your garden. Place exterior lightening fixtures on walls and gates to illuminate your entire house.

Country Home Decor

Do You Think of Country Home Decor?

What else can be the better idea other than making your home lavish and porch? Definitely you would never leave a chance in making your home look entirely exclusive, exotic and lavish. Trends have changed in interior designing as previously people had less focus on their house interiors but now it is seen much more in quantity in today’s era. There are many ways through which you can embellish your house interior and among them on way is country home décor. Country home décor is widely used today in many houses the reason being its lavishness and exotic affects that really flaunt your guests with your décor. If you want to decorate your house in country home décor ways than get a good country furniture, place country-style curtains on your doors and windows and use lavish and porch fixtures for your lightning needs. Place country decoration pieces like wall hanging frames, mirrors and wood made things, apart from that also place country type small tea sets and statues in your living room and lounge to give it a look of country side. This decoration method is been widely used now and believe me it really makes your house look great and elegant!