Baby Room Decor

Baby Room Decor Advices

If you are to choose a room decor for your child, we recommend you to not do the same mistake, as many parents make. Make your decision from a child’s point of view! Think about his / her ease and usage. Keep spaces for your children in their room, as they will be playing games most of the time. Choosing wooden shelves would be a good idea, as they give enough storage space. Choose a trendy, spacious and comfortable room, as recommended.

Choosing a baby room decor has never been easy, as it will directly have an important effect on your child’s psychology, brain development and personality. That is why you should be very careful with that.
We understand that you are thrilled with the arrival of your baby, but do not overbuy furniture or other thinks that will make your baby feel uneasy! Keep some space for them.

We know that ever family has its own budget. So, we offer many options with different prices. So, look at pictures, prices, styles and keep looking until you find the best baby room decor. Don’t think that popular nursery decors are expensive, because people generally choose the cheap ones.

Door Decorations

Various Door Decorations for Your Home

Well if you want to decorate your entire house in the real terms than you must not leave any corner or any area of your house in terms of decoration as this really plays an important role in gathering good attention of people towards your house. Most of the times we really neglect our doors and windows for the decoration purposes without knowing that their decoration really is important for the entire house’s image. Door decorations really make our house dynamic and they equally look great too.

There are many ways through which you can decorate your house doors. Starting from the main door of your house, decorate it with the light or flower wreaths and swags as it really very common and looks great on entrance too. Decoration bunnies, Santa, flowers and hanging bells also look great at entrance.

Now your room doors can be decorated with anything you want. You can hang the poster of your favorite celebrity, can place the post cards, hang the wind chimes bells, flowers, cartoons and etc. You can also hang falling bells that cover top to bottom of the door both at entrance and any room; it really looks fascination and adds vintage touch.

Flower Gardening

Flower Gardening

You don’t have to be a professional or know everything about flower gardening when you are flower gardening. The most important thing to start is, knowing what you want! If you know what you want and you have the motivation to carry it out, then you can be very successful in flower gardening. Most gardeners think you should start by draw up a plan of the flower garden you want on paper, this idea is good but only if you can tell a daisy from a tulip. Once you have learned a few horticultural tricks and have discovered what attracts you, you’ll have a better idea about how you would like your garden to look. Once you have decided on what you want, you have to make sure you have everything you need and then you have a few more decisions to make.

First of all to start up you are going to need some gardening tools. Then the next step is to check your soil, because the soil is important for you to have nice long lasting vibrant plants. Most plants prefer moist, but well drained soil. This simply means, soil that absorbs moisture and drains it out in other words it doesn’t stay too wet. The ideal gardening soil should have the texture of a crumbly chocolate cake and should be easy to dig.

The next step is to decide whether you want annual flowers; which are flowers that only live for a season and you plant them every year, they don’t grow or spread very much, or perennials; which are flowers that go on living for years, they grow throughout the years, and some spread
Sunshine is also very important for flowers, so when you are choosing the flowers to plant, or choosing where to place them, you have to take into consideration what the plant prefers. For example sun loving plants will want at least six hours of sun a day, which means that if you place this plant in a shady area the plant is going to struggle, and shade plants will shrivel up if they are placed under the afternoon sun.

Art Deco

Art Deco Style for Your Home

The term Art Deco, came about in the 1960s. It represents different things to different people, it was a style that belonged to everyone, it was modern and it was everywhere, from photography to decorative arts, to films, to transport and product design. By the 1930s, they started mass production which meant that everyone could have the art deco style in their lives. When travelling started to become popular animal skins, pearls, tortoiseshells and ivory started to enter homes. We could see the influence of the pyramids and the sphinxes in everything after Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered.

Art deco had both tradition and the mechanised modern world in it at the same time. In a very short time it spread around the world became popular in cities such as New York and Shanghai. It embraced handcraft, machine production, works of art and new products made with affordable materials.

Art Deco reflects the majority of the world in the present day. Unlike the functionalist Modernism, it answers to everyones needs. It is very compliant; it is open to peoples, dreams, desires, imaginations, fears.

Art Deco has a wide ranged style and can use many different sources like its forerunner Art Nouveau. Designers desired to bring together and combine traditions with the modern life and create a modern style. To do this the designers borrowed ideas from the historic European styles, pictorial inventions from the modern arts the urban symbols from the machine age and the exotic themes of the Ballet Russess. They also went as far as East Asia and Africa which provided rich sources of materials. They were fascinated with the romance of the Egyptian discoveries made buy archaeologists. Because they brought everything together and combines a variety of things, it makes art deco such a rich and eclectic style, that it makes it appealing to a wide range of people.

Patio Design Ideas

Patio Design Ideas

A patio is a must be for every house that has a garden, the garden would be empty without a patio. You can have a readymade patio or even make your own with inexpensive material and still have the same outcome, you end up with a place where you can rest and watch your beautiful flower garden.

When you start designing a patio there are some things you have to consider. Firstly you have to decide on what it is that you want from your patio. You have to contemplate on how many people will be occupying it, when you will be using it, how you will be using it.

Once you have decided what you want, you have to take some measurements to know your space so that you figure out more or less what you can do with the space. Now you can start drawing up a rough plan. Doing a sketch to scale will be very helpful, it will help you to fit the patio in at the convenient size.

Once you have chosen what you want the completed patio to look like, you can choose the materials according to your preferences. Many materials can be used to build a patio, for example, you can make it with brick, concrete, gravel etc. You can decorate your patio with umbrellas, gazebos, fancy outdoor furniture etc., all you have to do is decide on what you want.

Choose a couple of plants that you like which you place around the sides to liven it up and give your patio a little kick. When choosing the plants find out how big the plants will get, and how much pruning they will need. You can place your plants in nice pots, or plant them neatly around the edges of the patio, or hang them up so that they drape down the sides of the patio.


Mosaics for Wall Decor

One of the oldest, but still the most popular decorative method, where one places small pieces of material such as glass, rock, tile, shell etc., in a pattern is mosaic. It is a very all-around artistic decor method that can be used in many places in your home. It can be used to decorate furniture such as chests, drawers, tables, Mirror, borders, coasters etc., and it can be used to create tiled floors and even walls.

It is a technique that is very time consuming, but can be carried out with only a few tools and supplies such as; tesserae (small pieces of glass, tiles, etc., with which to do the mosaic with), a strong adhesive and a surface to cover. You can find such materials for mosaic in factories and pottery studios, or you can just buy mosaic tiles from a hardware store which is designed specifically for this craft.

There are many advantages to this craft. Firstly this could become a fun project that the whole family could join in because the process of filling in the mosaic is fun and easy to do. Another advantage is that the final piece is totally unique, because you produce the mosaic with the colours and tesserae that you wish, you can even be adventurous and mix the tesserae you use, and so the end product is totally unique and a product of your imagination. Also because you do it yourself, you give the project a part of yourself and every piece you place would be distinctive, every project would be distinctive and have a story of its own. Another advantage to making mosaic is that the tesserae you use especially those like glass or marble are very durable, because they do not attract dust and are easy to clean.

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

Modern architectures basics are very simple. Its continuous philosophy is to stand for the ideal that “the form follows the function”. That’s why modern architects express themselves through simplicity. Modern architecture gives importance to the materials used and the structures of the buildings, because of this they show off these materials by using materials such as wood, steel, and glass. Basically Modern architectures focal point is materials like steel, concrete, wood and glass, it is characterized with simplicity, the structures have a minimalist interior which places the interior in the background and brings out the structure itself into the spotlight.

Although it has a simplistic style that is very straightforward and avoids complexity, modern architecture is very unique. In fact, the most unique designs that have been created up until now, was created by modern architects. Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs should be looked at as an example of unique designs. Wright believed that the building and the land should emerge and become one and that they should complete each other, Wright was famous for building with the land.   Modernist architecture gives importance to inspiration, they take inspiration from the project they have at hand, their aims are to create a unique structure for every different project or situation, they want their creations to be totally unique and come together with the situation.

When you look at modern designs you can see, that they are box style, some have flat roofs but you will see that they are definitely not boring, they are anything but that. Instead of covering the structure they prefer to show the structure and the nature of the project. Modern architecture doesn’t hide or alter anything, everything is out in the open, the beams and structural elements are exposed to the viewers, By doing this the architects put across the idea of “truth” by revealing the elements.

Living Garden Fences

Living Garden Fences

A Living Fence or also known as a green fence, is a fence formed with a living plant suitable for a fence. These fences are long lasting, they can live on for years, and they are also very attractive and easy to look after. Fences are usually wanted to border there property, to keep the insects out or just because it looks pretty, there are many forms of fences other than the living fence like brick, bamboo, barbed wire etc., But the most beneficial form of fence is the living fence, because it has many benefits for the home like; the living fence can act as a windbreak, you can benefit from various products that you can obtain from it such as, firewood, timber, nectar etc., it can be cheaper to form therefore you can save money, it is a good way for the prevention of soil and when you are unable to find fencing materials such as lots of rocks, barbed wire, large branches etc., you can the live fence.

Living fences can be formed with a hedge of viburnums, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, climbing plants etc. When choosing your living fence, you have to take into consideration the potential size of plant, if it will be suitable for the area in which you plan to plant it. Once you have chosen the plant you wish to use, all you have to do is plant it and then using standard pruning techniques, you can train your tree, shrub or climber to form a living wall that will build up your gardens privacy and provide a beautiful view. Of course not every plant is pruned in the same way, some climbers may not even need to be pruned so often as a tree or a shrub. And as a result you have you living garden fence.

Flower Gardens

Flower Gardens

You can have flower gardens from 50 up to 500 square feet or even bigger. A flower garden is like a painting, it gives the person opportunities for the creative spirit to come alive. The garden is a canvas and one paints on the canvas puts his/her feelings on the canvas using the flowers as a brush.  You can plant a flower bed any way you like; it can be big, small, curved, straight, raised or flat. As time goes by, as seasons or years go by, you can change the flower bed. If in time the area permitted for your flower bed increases or decreases, you can also change the flower bed according to the change in the space. The exterior of a house is just as important as the interior.

The flower garden is where one can sit, watch and relax. Sit on the patio and gaze at the beautiful blend of the colours. Also if native plants are planted in the flower garden, this will attract all sorts of intriguing wildlife to your garden. Especially pollinators that come to your beautiful and colourful flowers like ants, bees butterflies or hummingbirds. Many small animals live in the soil, which are very healthy for the plants in the garden. They can be found almost in any sort of soil, these are creatures like earthworms, soil mites, and ground beetles.

Flower gardens vary greatly depending on how much light there is. Certain plants grow better in full sunlight, while others prefer the shade; therefore you have to choose the flowers that are convenient for the conditions of your garden. Many people prefer to have areas of both so they can have a good variety of beautiful and colourful plants in their garden.

Planning the “layout” of the garden is very important, and gardeners spend a great deal on planning it; by planning we basıcally mean, “where everything goes”. The reason for this is that, to have a successful flower garden, you have to plant the right plant, in the right place for it to grow properly and look beautiful.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau (New Art) is the name of a style of decoration and architecture that is international that was developed in the 1880s and 1890s. The name came from an interior design gallery in Paris, the Maison de l’Art Nouveau. This style uses forms that resemble stems and blossoms of plants as well as geometrical forms.

The coming of Art Nouveau can be traced to two specific influences: the first was the introduction, of the Arts and Crafts movement, that was led by the English designer William Morris. Just like Art Nouveau, this movement was a reaction against the cluttered designs of Victorian-era decorative art. The second influence was the latest vogue for Japanese art, especially wood-block prints, which swept up many European artists in the 80s and 90s, such as Gustav Klimt, Emile Galle and James Abbott McNeill Whistler. The Japanese wood-block prints consisted of floral and rounded forms, and “whiplash” curves, these were the elements that would eventually become Art Nouveau.

The Art Nouveau movement swept through the decorative arts and architecture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It generated many enthusiasts throughout Europe and beyond. The movement was expressed in a wide variety of styles, therefore, it is known by different names, some which are Jugendstil which is the name in the German spoken areas and the Glasgow Style. The aim of Art Nouveau was to modernize design, seeking to breakout from the broad historical styles that had previously been popular. Artists evoked inspiration from both organic and geometric forms; they produced elegant designs that brought together flowing, natural forms with more angular forms. The Art Nouveau style went out of fashion after Art Deco came into the scene in the 1920s.Art Nouveau experienced rejuvenation in the 1960s, and now it is seen as an important forebear of modernism.